Best FOMO Techniques Which most of the Brands Use

To become a successful marketer, you have to work on various techniques in Digital Marketing to stand out in today's competitive market where everyone is in the rat race.

'Fear of Missing out' (FOMO) is one of the best marketing techniques where you should have to polish your skills.

Through this FOMO technique, most of the big brands are promoting their business successfully and making decent profit out of it, so why can't you?

Common and Popular FOMO Techniques with Example

Some of the most popular and common FOMO techniques are covered below which you can use in your marketing strategy to uplift your revenue and the same techniques have also been used by some big brands. Here are FOMO examples:

1. Use Timer

By showing timer of landing page or advertisement, you can grab the attention of your visitors and create the FOMO with timer with limited time offer. There are multiple ways to use time depending upon your products and services, choose wisely which suits you the best. Here are different ways with which you can use the timer

FOMO Huge Discount with Timer
Discount with Timer
FOMO Giveaways
FOMO Cashback Offer with Timer
Cashback Offer

2. Add Social Proofs

By adding the screenshots of your social proof will make your visitors curious to achieve the same thing which has been achieved by you which is a kind of Fear out of missing the opportunity to know the KeyPoint behind that hack which your visitors want to know the double their income.

social proof fomo

3. Show Limited Stocks

This type of FOMO is mostly used on Ecommerce sites like Flipkart, Myntra, Big Basket and etc.

social proof fomo

4. Flash the Notification of Recent Purchase

Many Gadget sites use this FOMO by showing flash message of current purchase along with user's name on it. By reading those flash messages, users come into the trap of missing the product if not purchased right now, because many users are already in rush to purchase that product.

social proof fomo

5. Highlight Missed Opportunities

To give a boost to your marketing strategy, you can showcase all the opportunities which have been missed by your visitors so this time he/she can't miss it with current opportunity, to give their mind into quickly buying process.

social proof fomo